Free Ringtone Download – Personalized Ringtones For Everyone

Whenever we hear music, we ca not help but stop and listen. When mobile phones ring in public, we ca not help but listen to their ringtones. Ringtones have become a great expression of what kind of taste or personality you have. It is one way of telling people around you what your taste in music.

A lot of ringtones can be downloaded for free. You have to decide though, what kind of tone you would like. Polyphonic, monophonic and true tones are presented online with hassle free downloading. The most popular among mobile phone users are true tones. True tones are the most advanced kind of ringtone and it can also be called MP3 tones. You have to make sure though that your mobile unit is compatible with playing a true tone as some units ca not play MP3 files. True tones have a variety of music genre like pop, techno, dance or hip-hop among others. There are also tones from favorite movies like James Bond, Superman, Mission Impossible etc. Popular TV shows like Sex and the City, Lost and Grey’s Anatomy also have true tones that you can download. Almost any kind of music or tone can be found through the internet.

If you want to amuse your friends, you can try funny ring tones. In tough circumstances, it can be a medicine to have a few laughs sometimes. A silly tune can tickle our heart and even make other people around you smile. The latest mobile phone units have audio recording, which allows you to record the voice of a loved one and turn it into a ringtone. If you are out on a business trip and away from your family, there is nothing better to hear than your baby’s laugh. In instances like these, we need to keep close to our loved ones if not physically, then why not through your mobile phones?

At the end of the day, we all want to express ourselves in one way or another. Personalizing your cellphones
with your favorite song, tone or voice recording is an easy and effortless way to do so.

The Nokia 5800 Comes With Music

The Nokia 5800 Comes with Music is a stylish and functional phone in the same mould as many supplied by Nokia. However, this phone has an innovative element to it that is setting it apart from many others and has made the phone one of the most talked about for some time. This element has nothing to do with the phone itself, but has more to do with the fact that it comes with free unlimited music downloads.

Nokia have always had the knack for providing an innovative concept that gets people talking and with this phone it’s proven to be a major talking point. With people looking at making their money go further and the costs of downloading music being, for many, an unwanted additional cost every time they want the current or one of their favourite songs downloaded, Nokia have come up with free unlimited downloads as the solution. This is against the current trend, which is to charge for downloads and has received mixed reviews. Other suppliers consider it as not a particularly good thing, where as consumers have welcomed the offer, which is probably understandable.

The phone itself comes with an MP3 player, as you would expect, which accepts all the major audio file formats including MP3, WMA, WAV and eAAC+. An FM stereo radio provides additional means of listening to music or local and national radio stations. The phone also provides blue tooth, which is version 2.0 with A2DP as well as microUSB, version 2 for additional connectivity to other blue tooth enabled devices or synchronisation of file to a PC respectively. Internet access is provided via HSDPA and Wi-Fi which provides the means to access the net whilst in public hotspots. Navigational support is provided with the always useful GPS with A-GPS support and Nokia maps, which are considered one of the best navigation systems included within a phone.

The phone comes with an impressive TFT resistive touch screen which displays up to 16 million colours at a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels this ensures effective colour representation of images. There is also proximity and accelerometer sensors included which enables auto shut off and the means to alter the rotational aspect of images, so they can be seen in the right context. The phone would not be complete without a camera, and this phone provides a useful 3.15 mega pixel camera which uses Carl Zeiss optics and provides auto focus and LED flash.

The Nokia 5800 Comes with Music provides a unique selling point, its unlimited downloads. This phone is an accomplished phone with all the right functions and looks to make it an appealing phone, but what sets this phone apart is the fact that music can be downloaded free of charge as many times as the owner wishes, meaning no more additional costs for downloads. Now that’s a smart move by Nokia.

Cheap Legal Music Downloads – A Site That Finally Delivers?

The subject of music piracy has been much in the news over the last few years. It is a practice which deprives recording artists of income and is of course illegal. For those of us who want to build an extensive collection of legal mp3 music, this can be an expensive proposition – until now. In this article I’ll be discussing a site which enables you to fill your mp3 player with a great range of cheap legal music downloads.

A couple of years ago I discovered a website which offers a huge selection of mp3 downloads at very inexpensive prices. The tracks are nine cents each and albums cost one to two dollars. I thought this seemed a bit too cheap and checked out the “legal info” section of the site, and also did some research on other sites as to whether it was all “legit”. I was delighted to find out that as well as being incredibly good value, it is indeed legal and also offers a huge and varied choice of cheap legal music downloads.

Signing up was a simple and secure process, and I also got some free downloads for doing so. I was able to find pretty much any album I could think of as there is a very wide mix of genres and currently there are over three million songs available.

I like the fact that tracks can be previewed before purchase – if you’re curious about a certain band or artist you can hear an excerpt without any commitment to buy. You can easily download your music purchases with the bug and spyware-free downloader provided. The mp3s are DRM (Digital Rights Management) free and have a bitrate quality of 192-320kbps – I’ve never had a problem with sound quality, and I’m pretty fussy. Furthermore you can get masses of free bonus tracks when you top up your account.

Overall I found this site to be an excellent source of cheap legal music downloads, and it’s safe and easy to use.This is an ideal choice for those wishing to expand their music collections without breaking the bank.