Danger When Downloading Illegal Music

With the popularity of computers, internet and portable electronic devices, nobody wants to carry around a big fat book of cd’s anymore. They’re bulky, warp in the heat of a parked car or get scratched up. Now downloading music into a portable music player is so much more convenient.

Just slide it into your purse or pocket and your have access to all the music you own. With all the sites that offer music downloads, one has to be extremely careful not to violate any copyright laws. If you think that you couldn’t get caught, think again… your IP address can be traced right to your computer.

Fines for downloading music can be considerable, to the point of losing everything you own. You could even be arrested. Avoid this by always purchasing your music from reputable music sites or check out how you can download music for free (legally).

Free downloads

Sounds a little suspicious doesn’t it? Usually these music selections are by unsigned musicians who are hoping to get their music out there to heard and attract a fan base. There are many websites that offer free music downloads and they also offer reviews and ratings from other listeners.

Do not share music files. There are certain rules where these sites forbid sharing. Just give your friends and family the website where you got the music and suggest that they visit the website and download the music themselves.

Illegal downloads

There are several file sharing programs out on the internet by people called file traders that allow you to download music from them for a small fee. Many people mistakenly think that this is legal. It’s not, and it doesn’t matter that they misled you. If you are caught YOU will be the one to get sued.

Always make sure you check out your sites and find out if they’re sending out music that has permission for a free download. Another danger of downloading music from unknown sources is the risk of having a potentially destructive virus coming into your computer.

Downloading music

When purchasing music for downloading, make sure you download to your own computer only. Transferring files between computers is the same as illegal downloading. When you purchase a song and download it, you play the song while connected to the internet in order to obtain the song license to decrypt the file and allow it to be played on your computer or transferred to your own personal portable device.

Once you’ve done this, you have the license and can now play on your computer at any time. Songs can be downloaded for a small price. This price is comparable to the cost of one song on a purchase of a whole cd with one very distinct advantage. You may not like all the songs on a whole cd. Instead of paying for a whole cd when you really just wanted one song, you have the option of buying just that one song which makes the cost of music downloads very attractive.

Sometimes members of music download sites are offered free downloads by certain artists who have given permission in hopes to gain more popularity with their fans.

How Do You Make Music to Increase Your Traffic?

Ohh that is a good title, how do you make music to increase your traffic? But it is a title with good meaning. What are we going to do with our music when we make it, put it on a web site then wait for the downloads? We need a plan, and we need to attract surfers before any downloading can happen.

Well, we are all surfers though aren’t we? We seem so buried in our sites that we forget sometimes that we are actually the people that create internet traffic to other sites. It is such a radical, yet simple solution to most of our problems, that because it is so simple, we forget about the thought. So we must think like surfers.

I know that when I search through the free engines (Google, directory sites, etc) I never search for techno. What! You may be thinking. Well, do you know how many sites are dedicated to techno? Millions, absolutley millions, and that is not a good sign. So what do I search for? Well I search for a type of techno, a group, etc.

This is a really fundamental fact that is generally forgotten, and it also has a drastic effect on your traffic, and what you actually produce. Honestly, I have seen someone write, “I want to make a techno site”, and the reply has been…”well, what type of techno do you want to focus on?”…”ermm, there are different types?” came the reply.

My friend has made a rock band, and has produced some MP3s. They are cool, and so they are now housed on a general MP3 site, that has some traffic coming to it, listening to the free MP3s. The main problem comes in that why is he getting little traffic, and why aren’t people downloading these great MP3s at a greater rate?

Well there is one answer that will answer both questions.

Why should they? They like the type of music, but do they trust the music to fully download it? Come on, 3.5 MB is nothing, but it is a chore to download. Also, there are different styles of rock music- punk, death, soft etc, so why should they pick his?

A technique that should be used is to pre-sell. This pre-selling technique should be used on any type of music, or software that you would like your surfers to download, if used properly it will lead to increased downloads. So how do we utilise this?

Well first off we must see what type of music we are producing. If it is similar to say the Prodigy well, make a few pages dedicated to the Prodigy style of music, give a mini bio, your favourite tunes and maybe even a step-by-step discussion and description of one of their tunes. By making a page dedicated to a style of techno who are your influences, you are then targeting the right type of people of similar interest, attracting those people who like your certain type of techno.

When you target surfers by this method, they really like the style of music that you are writing about. Remember the Internet is full of free information hungry surfers willing to devour any type of information on their chosen topic. You are preping the reader, getting them in the right frame of mind- preselling them. They are excited, curious and warm to your thoughts and views. Now within the text, or at the bottom of the page, you can recommend, free MP3s that the reader would be interested in- your download rate will increase. Because you have recommended something, subconciously the surfer goes “hmm, I like what he has written, it is true, and if they are recommending something free, well what have I got to loose?”

What else could you add? How could you increase your download rates even more? How about covers, remixes of the tracks that you like…freely available, and then state something like “if you are interested in these songs, take a look at these…that have a similar style and can be downloadd for free”. You could even have loads of pages dedicated to many influences, and you could “capture” many targeted surfers with this approach- highlighting your MP3s on each page, as well as a main page linking to each of the influences, and to each other.

Now when people type into the search engines they will look for Prodigy MP3s, or Prodigy style MP3s, Prodigy remixes, your music and web pages will be placed higher, because they are much more relevant to the surfers question than before and your traffic will increase, likewise increasing your download rates.

Easy Music Downloads

Nowadays, would you purchase a 14 song CD which is easily tarnished or would you rather download songs on the Internet? Rapid technological advancement as what it is called has to do with the existence of iPods and mp3 players. These are portable players with easy storage feature to download your songs. Nowadays, you no longer need to buy CDs to get access to your favorite music.

For music lovers this is an opportunity for something less expensive and more accessible way of obtaining the songs of your favorite artists. A lot of artists are already conformed to this kind of promotion as well as new bands in the music industry. This is the reason why a whole archive of music are easily search online via the Internet.

Although downloading songs are free, there are illegal sites that doesn’t conform to the rules according to what is being stipulated in the copyright law. There are many statements virtually published informing about this kind of scam. Such acts are not tolerated. In fact, it is being condemned. Anyone caught may be sued or worst prosecuted.

Moreover, there are legal sites that provide free and cheap access to music downloads. Say for example iTunes and Napster. These sites legally share songs to promote recent new song releases or other music from less known bands.

iTunes is an excellent provider of songs for iPod users. It is an online store that is run by Apple where you can buy any songs that you want for the price of around $.99. You can also download free songs from less known bands which shares files to promote their songs and their band. Other known artist share their songs completely of no charge.

Napster is also another site for downloading music. With Napster, one has to pay for a flat membership fee first before can access its entire music library. Unlike iTunes, songs in Napster are only played through your computer only if you have an active membership. So, if you want to download songs on your iPod or your mp3, you will have to pay an extra fee to do so.

There are many genre of music to choose from, whichever type you prefer you can effortlessly expand your library of songs to your liking, whether the latest, trendiest or the oldest songs available on file.

Although downloading music are free, it is best to conform with the law. It is best that you make sure about the files you are downloading on your computer are copyrighted because you can be affected by spyware or viruses that may bring irrevocable damage to your computer. So, be informed to protect your computer.